Signature Men's Haircuts


Indulge in the finest men’s hair services at PRK Hair, where sophistication and style meet in Newport Beach, California. With over 15+ years in the industry and experience, working with all the top celebrities in Hollywood. You can rest assured you are in the chair of one of the highest skilled men’s hairstylists. Step into our world of tailored grooming experiences designed exclusively for the modern gentleman. Discover our range of exceptional services that will elevate your look and leave you feeling polished and refined :

Men's Color Blending and Gray Coverage

$65 - 125

At PRK Hair, we understand that a well-groomed appearance is key to making a lasting impression. Our expert stylists are masters in the art of men’s haircuts, delivering precise and stylish cuts that complement your individual features and reflect your unique personality. Experience the artistry of our signature haircuts and step out with confidence.

Scalp Rejuvenation and Hair conditioning treatments


Embrace a more youthful appearance with our men’s color blending and gray coverage services. Our stylists are skilled in creating natural-looking color that seamlessly blends with your existing hair, enhancing your overall look while maintaining a masculine aesthetic. Say goodbye to gray and hello to a more vibrant, refreshed version of yourself.

Brazilian Blowouts

$125 - 300

We understand the impact that hair loss or damage can have on a man’s confidence. Showing as brittle, unruly or unhealthy hair. Our scalp rejuvenation and hair conditioning treatments are tailored to address these concerns, utilizing advanced techniques and technologies. From scalp massages that promote blood circulation to personalized hair loss treatments, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve a fuller, healthier head of hair.

Experience the revolutionary Brazilian Blowout treatment at PRK Hair and unlock the potential of your hair like never before.

THIS IS NOT YOUR OLD BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT. It is customized for you to keep your natural curls or to be able to have straighter hair. It is no longer just for straightening. This innovative technique will leave your locks smoother, shinier, and more manageable, giving you the confidence to conquer any day with stunning hair. Discover the benefits of our Brazilian Blowout service:

Frizz-Free, Smooth Hair

Say goodbye to frizzy, unruly hair with our Brazilian Blowout treatment. This advanced formula creates a protective layer around each strand, smoothing the cuticle and reducing frizz and flyaways. Embrace sleek, straight hair or enjoy defined, natural-looking waves—all with a touch of effortless glamour.

Enhanced Manageability

Tired of spending hours wrestling with your hair every morning? Our Brazilian Blowout service will make your styling routine a breeze. Your hair will become significantly easier to manage, requiring less time and effort to achieve your desired style. From quick touch-ups to elaborate looks, enjoy the freedom of effortlessly styled hair.

Long-Lasting Results

The Brazilian Blowout is known for its long-lasting effects. Unlike temporary solutions, our treatment can last up to 12 weeks, ensuring you enjoy beautiful, silky hair for an extended period. Whether you're heading to a special occasion or want to simplify your daily routine, our Brazilian Blowout will keep your hair looking fabulous day after day.

Improved Hair Health

Not only does the Brazilian Blowout deliver exceptional style, but it also nourishes and improves the health of your hair. The specially formulated products used in the treatment infuse your hair with vital nutrients, helping to restore moisture, repair damage, and strengthen your strands. Experience a transformation that goes beyond appearances—achieve healthier, more resilient hair.

Elevate your grooming routine to new heights of excellence. Schedule an appointment with our skilled stylists and experience the luxury of personalized men’s hair services. Unleash your potential and command attention wherever you go. Take the first step towards a more refined and stylish you—book your visit to PRK Hair today!